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Ronda Rousey HIV Positive, Leaves UFC For Good – Is this Hoax?

Ronda Rousey HIV Positive, Leaves UFC For Good – Is this Hoax?
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Ronda Rousey HIV Positive, Leaves UFC For Good – Is this Hoax?

Ronda Rousey has been declared as the most epic MMA fighter in the UFC before Holly Holm defeated her on UFC 193 that stripped off her undefeated title as UFC Bantamweight Women’s division undefeated champion. After her shocking and ‘humiliating’ defeat, Rousey announced that she will be leaving the UFC for good, right after she publicly announced that she is HIV positive.

When Ronda Rousey was said to have been tested positive for HIV, she allegedly decided to have an early “retirement from the ring” according to People Informer. Her decision came after she lost the opportunity to have a rematch and defeat Holly Holm. Holm, the current undefeated Bantamweight women’s division champion, stripped Rousey off her notorious undefeated UFC fighter career last November 2015.

Rousey, upon the determination that she has been tested HIV positive,wished “to spend time with family and loved ones” according to her spokesperson who spoke with People Informer.  Fans of the legendary female UFC fighter were devastated upon hearing the news who were banking on her next fight in the ring against Holm.

Despite the absence of confirmed information regarding this matter, the UFC took to their official Twitter account and announced, “It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I am hereby formally announcing my retirement from mixed martial arts as I have been diagnosed with early stage HIV. @RondaRousey on HIV results #RondaRouseyHIV.” The post was shortly removed thereafter but People Informer was able to get a screenshot of the controversial post.

At present, Rousey, apart from the deleted UFC Twitter post, has not made an official statement that confirmed her current health situation. But there emerged to be another side into this story. According to, this story was obviously a hoax. The website noted that the circulating article was dated December 2015 and it is already the third week of January. The website further noted that the news was supposed to be a sad one if its true. Some people commenting on the Twitter forum however had the guts to comment about Rousey being a lousy player. “I’m writing about a Ronda Rousey HIV AIDS hoax started by one guy that probably was just screwing around, but which revealed the sadder side of us all,” Mike Coughlin of wrote.

In other news, Rousey hosted the latest “Saturday Night Live” episode last Saturday, January 23, 2016. As reported by MMA Fighting, she publicly congratulated her champion opponent, Holm. She said, “This is the first time I’m talking to my fans since I lost to Holly Holm in November, which, by the way, was a fight Holly deserved to win.” She added, “And I just wanted to take a minute to sincerely congratulate her.”

Though she was as gracious as ever with her defeat to Holly Holm, she has not made any official announcements as to whether the UFC Twitter post did mark the announcement of her leaving the sport. Now that Ronda Rousey is currently off the ring, Holly Holm and Miesha Tate will battle it out for the Bantamweight women’s division champion title this coming March 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada as UFC 197’s main event bout.

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