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‘Rogue One’ ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff In Crisis, Disney Wants A Reshoot!

‘Rogue One’ ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff In Crisis, Disney Wants A Reshoot!
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‘Rogue One’ ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff In Crisis, Disney Wants A Reshoot!

“Rogue One” seems to be hitting some major speed bumps 6 months before its December release date. Disney top brass seems to be unsatisfied with the film’s first cut and has ordered reshoots to begin next month.

According to Page Six, Director Gareth Edward’s initial cut did not fully satisfy the bosses and will undergo four weeks of expensive reshoots next month. This might seem over the top but considering how “Star Wars” fans are anything less than perfect will be considered as an insult to the franchise.

“Rogue One” tells the story of the mission that set the original trilogy in motion: the theft of the Death Star blueprints. This happens somewhere between the gap between ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and ‘A New Hope’.

There has been speculation that the film will take a darker turn from the previous wholesome films. Darth Vader is also rumored to appear taking the role as the chief enforcer of the Emperor punishing those who are seen as a threat to the Galactic Empire.

After J.J. Abrams successfully legitimized Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm with “Star Wars Episode 8: The Force Awakens”, being meticulous about the spin-off seems to be on point. They would not want to repeat the mistakes that made the prequel trilogy the scorn of diehard fans of the franchise.

Gareth Edwards has already proven himself in directing blockbuster films with ‘Godzilla’ although he prefers to have studio interference to a minimum. This has certainly caused problems regarding the first cut since Disney loves to take a hands-on approach to their films.

Hopefully, this crisis gets resolved soon and it’s all smooth sailing come December 2016. It would be nice to see a film showing the unsung heroes of the rebellion and see less of the Force and more of the gritty blaster battles.

As next in line to ‘The Force Awakens,””Rogue One” has big shoes to fill and expectations to meet. The film is set for release on December 16, 2016.

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