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Rodrigo Duterte Death Squad: Female Assassin Confesses How Killings Take Place

Rodrigo Duterte Death Squad: Female Assassin Confesses How Killings Take Place
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Rodrigo Duterte Death Squad: Female Assassin Confesses How Killings Take Place

She’s the Angelina Jolie of a shadowy group allegedly organized by local police in response to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s mission of eliminating people involved in illegal drugs. She is one of the mysterious members of the so-called Rodrigo Duterte Death Squad.

A female assassin claims to be one of the gun-for-hire men and women targeting individuals linked in the illegal drug trade in the country. The Philippines has found itself in a war against illegal drugs, which Duterte said has reached a pandemic level.

Rodrigo Duterte Death Squad?

In a documentary by BBC, a female assassin, who has allegedly killed at least six people already, shared her experience as a paid terminator. BBC’s Jonathan Head explored the underground world of the Philippines’ combat against illegal drugs, which according to government estimates has plagued at least 3.7 million Filipinos.

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“My first job was two years ago in this province nearby. I felt really scared and nervous because it was my first time. One time, they needed a woman… my husband tapped me to do the job. When I saw the man I was supposed to kill, I got near him and I shot him,” Maria, not her real name, told BBC.

Killings in The Philippines

Maria, who according to the report is part of a team of hired killers, said that being a female assassin gives a lot of advantages in carrying out her mission. She said that people are less suspicious of women so killing her target and escaping successfully is easier.

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In an article published by the Huffington Post, it is explained that the casualty of the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign has already reached 1,700. The campaign also resulted to the surrendering of 700,000 individuals linked to illegal drug trade.

Despite the growing outrage against his campaign to curb criminality in his country, Duterte remains unfazed and unthreatened with the comments he receives. He even lambasted a United Nations special human rights rapporteur who according to him broke UN’s protocol when they issued a statement questioning his ways without even seeing him first.

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