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Rocket League Is The First Cross-Network Game, Confirms ID@Xbox’s European boss

Rocket League Is The First Cross-Network Game, Confirms ID@Xbox’s European boss
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Rocket League Is The First Cross-Network Game, Confirms ID@Xbox’s European boss

We all know that Microsoft is looking forward to cross-network play and the gaming companies are even working on it. The company has once again spoken about its plan during EGX Rezzed. Read on to know more about what Microsoft has to say about cross-network game:

While speaking to Eurogamer during EGX Rezzed, here is what Agostino Simonetta, ID@Xbox’s European boss said,

“Absolutely – we’re ready. Rocket League is the first game – and it is a heavily network-orientated game. Last weekend I had a problem with my wife, I was playing too much Rocket League. But yes, any title that wants to update their game to include cross-network play, any title that wants to launch soon and take advantage of that, we are ready.”

Having said that, he did not give any details about how long it will take for the first cross-network game, Rocket League to hit the consoles. According to Agostino, “it’s always up to the developer to decide.” He also said that the company has sent open invitations and that they are ready “whoever wants to get on board. It remains an open invitation to any network that wants to do the same.” When Eurogamer asked him whether the company has heard from Sony regarding the same, he said, “We can only say: we’re ready. We’ve done our bit and we welcome anyone who wants to take part.”

Apart from cross-network game, he also shed some light on Xbox One being used as developer kits. Agostino Simonetta said that it is still in the preview mode. Updating about the status, he said that 1400 developers today have Xbox One developer kits. The company is also eyeing students programming for which it is in talks with a university in the UK.

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