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Rocco Then, Now Mercy: Madonna Can Lose Adopted Daughter Too!

Rocco Then, Now Mercy: Madonna Can Lose Adopted Daughter Too!
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Rocco Then, Now Mercy: Madonna Can Lose Adopted Daughter Too!

Amid her heady custody fight over her teenage son Rocco, the Madonna also face the risk of losing her other child — adopted daughter Mercy. The “Like A Prayer” allegedly had no right over the kid and the biological family wants to get the child back from her.

As lawyers attempt to draw a reasonable custody agreement between Madonna and ex-husband over Rocco, Madonna cannot help but feel happy that she is reunited with her son Rocco after months of separation. However, her happiness might not so long because she is allegedly entering a new legal battle over adopted daughter Malawi.

According to The Daily Mail, the biological family of Mercy never intended for a permanent adoption to happen. Moreover, they want the kid back.

The singer’s adopted daughter was born in January 2005. Mercy’s biological mother, Mwandida, died just eight days after giving birth to Mercy. Madonna was able to adopt her in 2009 after she reportedly promised the family visitation rights, something the family has said the singer denied them, over and over again. More importantly, Mercy’s African family now said her adoption to Madonna was never meant to be a permanent solution.

Agatha Molande, the 25-year-old former friend of Mercy’s mother – Mwandida, said in a statement, “The Mercy situation is potentially a bigger problem than the custody battle over Rocco. Madonna may have been acting in good faith, believing she was saving a child from poverty and death, as she may not have been told the whole truth. It is difficult to put into words the love of Mercy’s Malawian family for her.”

Radar Online claimed that Agatha continued her statement by saying, Mercy’s family love her so much, the family never planned to be permanently separated from Mercy. The African family of Mercy will insist in any way to win her back.

A representative of Madonna however denied that singer prohibited Mercy from getting to know her roots and for the family to see her. “Mercy has never had her past or her heritage hidden from her and she visits Malawi every year to learn about her roots and to visit friends and family,” the rep said

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