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Robots Assemble Tesla Model X

Robots Assemble Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X The NRMA/Flickr cc by 2.0


Robots Assemble Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors and its founder Elon Musk are all about showing off, especially when it comes to unique robotic technology that readily makes its technologically advanced electric cars. After all, when you’ve got something this great, there’s no point in keeping things a secret.

Usually, Tesla likes to keep things a bit of a secret. That’s understandable since every competitive advantage is crucial especially when big vehicle manufacturers like General Motors and Nissan are already in the electric car market. But when you’ve got something as cool as an all-robot assembly line, it’s really hard not to brag a little.

In the past, the videos Tesla uploads were all about its cars performance (autopilot dependability and snow driving capability) and dominance in the market, even overseas (Tesla says of the 4,000 electric vehicles in Hong Kong, majority are theirs). But lately, it seems this revolutionary motor company has been more willing to giving the public a better view of their world. Specifically, how their cars are made.

It started with one short video clip whose caption seem to have been inspired by Victoria’s Secret. After all, the Tesla Model X also “gets its wings” at some point. Here, you can see robots working together to provide the electric car it’s much needed wings. The process is done with such careful precision that one viewer even remarked, ” Soooo gentle!”

For the second video, Tesla takes you to its “vehicle runway” where robots, once again, work hard to complete an assembly line of Model X cars. There’s music playing in the background this time and video clip is almost like a teaser ad. After all, it seems the Model X is set to go to the New York Fashion Week with Neiman Marcus. Finally, a third video proudly shows a symphony of robots, working in sync along a manufacturing line to make sure no Model X assembly gets delayed.

According to a report from BGR, Tesla’s robots are absolute experts at multitasking, able to do five different tasks at once. And in case you’re wondering how many of these multi-taskers Tesla has at its disposal, Musk once boasted that he has 542 of them.

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