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This Robocar Will Race Without A Driver

This Robocar Will Race Without A Driver
Robocar Image by Chief Design Officer Daniel Simon / Roborace Ltd.


This Robocar Will Race Without A Driver

You heard it right. This race car is ready to hit the tracks without a driver. After all, it’s a robocar and it doesn’t need anyone to get started racing.

In a press statement issued to Morning News USA, Roborace said that the company has just named Daniel Simon as its new Chief Design Officer. Simon has been long known for his futuristic approach in automotive design. In fact, his past work includes those featured in hit sci-fi movies such as “Tron: Legacy” and “Oblivion.” In addition, Simon was also a former senior designer at Bugatti. Moreover, throughout his extensive career, he has also designed spacecships, Le Mans cars, motorcycles and drones.

Today, Simon reveals a first look of the much anticipated Robocar. With regard to its aesthetics, the chief designer revealed, “My goal was to create a vehicle that takes full advantage of the unusual opportunities of having no driver without ever compromising on beauty.” Moreover, Simon noted the importance of generating a “substantial downforce without unnecessary parts cluttering the car” to achieve a sleek, clean look.

Back in November last year, Formula E and Kinetik announced their plans to launch a global race series that would feature driverless electric cars. The Roborace Championship will allow teams to compete in an autonomous driving platform with the races taking place in the same circuits where Formula E is currently racing.

The Roborace championship is scheduled to begin in 2016/17 with each roborace scheduled to take place before each Formula E race in various major cities around the world. The event will be televised in more than 100 countries to millions of viewers.

According to Formula E Chief Executive Officer Alejandro Agag, Simon’s recently unveiled design for the robocar “represents a vision of what cars will be, a vision of our future.” After all, he believes it will “change the future of mobility.”

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