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Robert Pattinson Gay: Actor Comes Out Finally According To Viral Hoax

Robert Pattinson Gay: Actor Comes Out Finally According To Viral Hoax
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Robert Pattinson Gay: Actor Comes Out Finally According To Viral Hoax

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

Robert Pattinson, the heartthrob of millions of girls across the world, has finally decided to confess that he is gay!

It takes a lot of courage to come out as an openly gay man, especially if you have starred in a Harry Potter movie as the handsome teenager who was hotter than the protagonist of the story and as the eternally brooding yet irresistibly attractive vampire in the Twilight series, which made young women scream, “Bite me”!

But according to Now88News, Robert Pattinson, who has dated female celebrities like Kristen Stewart and FKA Twigs, has finally decided to open up about his sexuality publicly.

In an interview with the above the news channel, Pattinson reported confessed:

“I completely fell for this guy and at first I thought I was confused with my emotions and I did not want to let my female fans down … But after careful consideration I felt it was best to come out to the public and confirm that I am gay.”

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While there is no way to verify if the news is true or merely another hoax, it certainly raises a number of questions, beginning with – Why exactly is he still engaged to FKA Twigs if he has decided to come out of the closet?

Also, something else that confirms the fact that this news is nothing but a hoax or a manner of ridiculing Robert Pattinson is the way the news channel chooses to describe its content on its disclaimer page: “This website and its content is classed as satire and not factual information.”

However, if we keep aside the fact that Pattinson has chosen to date girls in the past and is currently engaged to one, the rumor of Robert Pattinson, being a homosexual, is not that far-fetched.

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Back in 2008, during shooting for a Spanish film called “Little Ashes,” Pattinson had to insinuate having sexual intercourse with a man. However, as much as he tried, feigning the fact that he was experiencing an orgasm just did not seem that real to the director.

So he decided to do it for real! So while a naked man lay on top of him, Pattinson masturbated for real underneath so that his “orgasm face is recorded for eternity,” reports Queerty.

For now, however, Robert Pattinson cannot be declared gay based on a single incident that happened years ago!

For the latest Robert Pattinson News please stay tuned in to this site.

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