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Robert Downey Jr Of Iron Man Gives Boy Bionic Arm

Robert Downey Jr Of Iron Man Gives Boy Bionic Arm
Image from Office Videos via YouTube


Robert Downey Jr Of Iron Man Gives Boy Bionic Arm

Robert Downey, Jr. and Alex

Image from officevideos via YouTube

In full character as Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr gave 7-year-old Alex a replica of the famous Iron Man bionic arm. Alex was born with only half of his left arm.

Tony Stark Meets Alex

In 2014, Alex was one of the recipients of a 3D-printed robotic arm developed by University of Central Florida grad student Albert Manero.

Manero developed the robotic arm with his volunteer group, Limbitless Solutions. Alex’s story was featured in Microsoft’s Collective Project in 2014.

“Tony Stark,” the leading bionics expert, felt inspired by Alex’s story. He decided to visit the boy to personally deliver a replica of Iron Man’s bionic arm. The meeting was heartwarming, as “Stark” came in his billionaire businessman aura. He spoke with Alex in a true business-like manner.

Alex rode along the whole thing, but he had that sweet sheepish smile implying he knew what was going on.

When “Stark” and Alex both wore their bionic arms, sitting beside each other, Manero asked Alex if he knows who the man is.

“Iron Man,” Alex said.

“Do you know his name?” Manero asked again.

“Robert,” Alex said.

Downey Jr. was delighted the boy knows his real name, and his reaction was priceless. It made the video all the more amusing.

Watch the video below.

The Bionic Arm

The bionic arm looks exactly like that of Iron Man’s. It was designed with a red and gold cover and the iconic palm light.

Downey Jr. was also ecstatic about the whole experience.

“Had the absolute privilege of presenting a brand spanking new #D-printed bionic Iron Man arm to Alex, the most dapper 7-year-old I’ve ever met,” Downey Jr. posted on Facebook.

He thanked Manero, OneNote and the Collective Project for their effort to bring affordable artificial limbs for families and kids like Alex “who want to show the playground how badass they are.”

Everyone is being encouraged to be a volunteer for Enabling The Future.

Know more.

Click here for pictures of Downey Jr., Alex and their bionic arms.

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