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‘River Monsters’ Season 8 Premieres; Jeremy Wade Is Back!

‘River Monsters’ Season 8 Premieres; Jeremy Wade Is Back!
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‘River Monsters’ Season 8 Premieres; Jeremy Wade Is Back!

Television viewers are set to learn new things as “River Monsters” premiered its season 8 on Thursday night.

The fresh episodes of the new season, according to Nate Scott of For the Win, will no longer focus on the “most terrifying and vicious freshwater fish on earth.” While the seven previous seasons revolved around the river’s frightening creature, Jeremy Wade will be out in the ocean this time around to discover several saltwater inhabitants that will surely leave its audience in deep awe.

According to Scott, the 60-year-old extreme angler and biologist will visit a new locale in each episode of “River Monsters” season 8 to investigate “a mythical beast” that reportedly brings fear to the local dwellers.

“He follows clues, tracks down leads, and then, by the end of each episode, solves the case — by reeling in a terrifying, toothed thing that will give you nightmares,” said Scott who joined Wade in Chesapeake Bay early this month as the host took a break with the show’s producer Andie Clare from filming.

“It’s a joy to be out here without a production crew,” Wade admitted to Scott. “Usually we have two boats, and if I get a fish on, it’s Get the camera ready. Focus the shot. Make sure we’re standing in the right place.”

It wa back in March when the Season 8 of most popular wildlife documentary series on Animal Planet was announced. To make the new season more exciting for its fans, the ocean adventures of Wade is expected to discover peculiar creatures such as the sea serpent, striped marlin and other so-called legendary monsters.

In an exclusive video, the Bristol University graduate host was seen holding a striped marlin he caught in the Sea of Cortez. It was also shared in the said “River Monsters” season 8 report that Wade was on his way to Peru to look for a deep sea “devil.”

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