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RIP Kendra: Photos Of Kendra Childs And Suspect Ling Ling Baby

RIP Kendra: Photos Of Kendra Childs And Suspect Ling Ling Baby
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RIP Kendra: Photos Of Kendra Childs And Suspect Ling Ling Baby

It was a crime of passion that led to the death of the 19-year-old Lee Kendra Childs, in a drive-by shooting incident  morning of September 13.

Police reports from the Houston Police Department, as reported by the Chron, showed that Kendra was shot dead in their second floor apartment in the 5300 block of South Lake Houston Parkway.

Shot to Death

The HPD received a distress call from Kendra’s boyfriend at around 12:15 after he went home to their apartment and saw the lifeless body of his girlfriend, who works as a cashier at Walmart. Kendra left her two-year-old daughter.

Witnesses told deputies who responded to the crime scene that they saw a man and a woman driving a tinted black Chevrolet Camaro who fired at the victim’s apartment. Kendra’s 2-year-old daughter was not in the house during the shooting incident.

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The identity as well as the motive of the suspect was initially not revealed by the HPD in its earlier report. But a report from Gossip on This, linked the ex-girlfriend of Child’s current boyfriend, Ling Ling Baby, as the one behind the shooting incident.

Based on the report, Ling Ling was allegedly been plotting to kill Childs on her Twitter account. In a series of tweets, Ling Ling has expressed her displeasure with a certain woman whom she did not name in any of her tweets.

Ling Ling Baby

In one tweet, Ling Ling said, “Nothing makes me mad about a bitch saying she was with my nigga or whatever cause like I tell him..the hoe won’t be around for too long,”. She added that the unidentified woman she’s having trouble with won’t be “around for too long.”

Today, September 14, is Childs’ 20th birthday. Those who have information about the case are encouraged to contact the Houston Police Department’s Homicide Division at 713-308-3600.

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