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Rio Olympics Mobile Apps: Top 5 Apps For Olympic Games 2016

Rio Olympics Mobile Apps: Top 5 Apps For Olympic Games 2016
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Rio Olympics Mobile Apps: Top 5 Apps For Olympic Games 2016

When it comes to Rio Olympics 2016, there is an array of third-party apps that let you catch up on the games 24/7. Check out the list of best apps out there to watch the Olympics!

It time for Rio Olympics 2016, and while NBC network is the official broadcast channel for the games in the U.S., there are countries where the games are unfortunately not being broadcasted live. For these countries, handy mobile apps are the best bet to check Olympic scores.

However, despite the more than enthusiastic promotion of the official apps like “The Olympics- Official App” and “Rio 2016”, they have received very poor reviews from both the smartphones and iPhone users.

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According to Wired, one is better off using a number of third-party apps that have proven to be far more efficient and reliable than the official ones. Here is a list of top 5 apps which would let you be abreast of everything that is happening in the Olympics this year.

  • ESPN: Even though there are not the official broadcaster of the Rio Olympics, when it comes to sports, no one does it better than ESPN. The ESPN mobile app is easily the best in the market at present, reports Fast Company.
  • BBC: People living in the U.K. can log into the “My Sport” feature of the BBC app to keep themselves updated at all times about how medals did their country win at the Olympics.

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  • NBC Sports: NBC is not only broadcasting the Rio Olympics on television Live but also streaming it in real time on its NBC sports app, available on Android as iOS.
  • NBC Olympics: NBC did not only manage to secure the exclusive broadcasting rights of the Rio Olympics but also to be the first to report any news and development before and after every Olympic event through its dedicated “Rio News and Results” app.
  • Google: The mother of all applications, the Google app has geared up for Rio Olympics, listing broadcasting schedules of over 30 countries, reflecting event scores and info on all the athletes.

Pick your favorite app today!

For the latest Rio Olympics News please stay tuned in to this site.

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