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Rio Olympics Crisis: Village For Athletes Unfit For Occupancy

Rio Olympics Crisis: Village For Athletes Unfit For Occupancy
Rio de Janeiro bid banner for the 2016 Summer Olympics Rodrigo Soldon from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Wikimedia Commons cc

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Rio Olympics Crisis: Village For Athletes Unfit For Occupancy

The house set for athletes of the Rio Olympics is reportedly unfit for occupancy according to the head of Australian Olympic delegation.

Kitty Chiller, the leader of the Australian delegation, said that their athletes will not be checking in the village Barra da Tijuc in western Rio because it has problems with electricity, gas, and plumbing.

Aside from this, Kitty Chiller said in a statement that the units in the village were “blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring,” and “dirty floors in need of a massive clean.”

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Chiller described the housing units with stairwells with bad lighting while water drenched the floor around.

The Australian delegation is not only the one who saw the village’s problems. A report from The New York Times said that Britain, New Zealand, and other countries.

In other news report, Sweden’s women’s soccer team was not able to move in last Sunday due to the same problems.

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Chiller added that they are currently staying at local hotels as organizers fix the housing units with 1,000 cleaners set to fix the faulty wirings. However, she added that the plumbing issues have not been resolved.

Some delegations like United States, Italy, and the Netherlands were hiring workers to clean their rooms.

According to Yahoo, about 10,500 athletes and another 7,000 staff members were about to move in their respective rooms two weeks before the Rio Olympics start on August 5.

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Local organizers said that the problems shall be solved immediately and that they now hired cleaners and maintenance crew who will be “working 24 hours a day until the issues are resolved.”

A BBC report said that the village is home to 31 building and is composed of tennis courts, football pitches, and several swimming pools.

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