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Rio Olympics 2016: Weird, Crazy Jobs In Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics 2016: Weird, Crazy Jobs In Rio Olympics
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Rio Olympics 2016: Weird, Crazy Jobs In Rio Olympics

Weird jobs can be found all over the world. But during the Rio Olympics 2016, the world saw not only weird, but ridiculous jobs people do during this globally significant sporting event.

Life Guards

Lifeguards are normal sightings in pool and other swimming facilities. But lifeguards in a competition with the world’s best swimmers would look ridiculous to many. Placing lifeguards beside some of the world’s most elite swimmers may seem odd to many, but Brazilian law requires lifeguards stationed at any swimming facilities as big as where major swimming events are being held, the Huffington Post reported.

Condom Guy

Would you believe that personnel are actually being dispatched every day to give out free condoms to the athletes? Yes, that’s true. In Rio Olympics 2016, at least 450,000 condoms will be rationed to athletes—that’s 42 condoms per athlete.

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According to a report from BBC, it’s the first time the organizing body overseeing this year’s Olympics has distributed such amount of condom in the game’s history. After all, Rio is a perfect place to get things hotter.

Scuba Divers in Rio Olympics?

Some netizens might have spotted several scuba divers in several watersports during the Rio Olympics. It appears that the organizers of this year’s Olympics have actually hired scuba divers.

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Some of the possible jobs scuba divers in Rio Olympics would do include fixing busted underwater cameras and retrieving jewelry for athletes. Seeing a scuba diver in Olympic swimming pools may freak people out, but they work to make everything safe and seamless.

These guys may play minor roles, and in most cases, work unappreciated; their works are essential in making sure that the major sporting event would go smoothly. They play a crucial role in ensuring that everything happens as it should happen.

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