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Rio Olympics 2016 Day 3 Highlights: Team USA Medal Table, Photos, Videos & More

Rio Olympics 2016 Day 3 Highlights: Team USA Medal Table, Photos, Videos & More
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Rio Olympics 2016 Day 3 Highlights: Team USA Medal Table, Photos, Videos & More

Day 3 of the 2016 Rio Olympics proved good for America.

While Day 2 was better, with Team USA earning accolades in swimming and women’s gymnastics, Day 3 started faring well once the swimming events began.

Swimming star Michael Phelps and rival Chad Le Clos had a brief face-off prior to their 200 meter butterfly event. Le Clos, who had edged past Phelps in the same event in the 2012 London Olympics by the slightest of margins, danced and shadow-boxed with Phelps sitting right next to him. Phelps, on the other hand, only gave Le Clos a death stare.

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While Phelps finished second in the event (finishing at 1:54:12), Le Close came in third (1:55:19).

After winning in the men’s freestyle event, Phelps now has 19 Olympic gold medals to his name.

American Lilly King defeated Yulia Efimova in the 100 meter breaststroke event, helping her country to yet another gold medal. For USA, this year’s Olympics has proven to be a fabulous one so far, especially in the swimming department.

After her victory in what was being considered as one of the most anticipated races in the competition, King said, “I hope I (made a statement) — that we can still compete clean and do well at the Olympic Games and that’s how it should be.”

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Efimova had not known until Saturday whether she would be able to compete in the race since she had been found guilty of doping, as reported by CNN.

As reported by CBS News, U.S. men’s gymnastics finished fifth in the team final held on Monday. They last won a medal for their side in 1996.

David Boudia and Steele Johnson bagged a silver medal in the synchronized 10 meter platform diving final.

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