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Rio Olympics 2016: Athletes To Swim In Human Crap!

Rio Olympics 2016: Athletes To Swim In Human Crap!
Swimmer Bernal Saborio / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Rio Olympics 2016: Athletes To Swim In Human Crap!

Aside from the Zika scare causing fear among Olympians for the Rio Olympics 2016 in Brazil, swimmers have to deal with contaminated waters in Rio.

Local doctors and experts in Brazil have issued a warning for athletes who will be participating in swimming events. They should be wary and swim with their mouths closed, as beaches in Brazil are contaminated with human feces and other contaminants, the New York Times reported.

This, after several researchers found that the health of beaches and bodies of water in Brazil are in poor condition. Some of the common contaminants polluting the waters of Brazil include raw sewage from nearby communities, household garbage, and even corpses.

Dr. Daniel Becker, a Brazilian pediatrician, told the New York Times that foreigners should expect swimming with rubbish, including human feces. Officials estimate that at least 500,000 athletes will be competing for this year’s Olympic.

“They can try to block big items like sofas and dead bodies, but these rivers are pure sludge. So the bacteria and viruses are going to just pass through,” added Brazilian Engineer Stelberto Soares.

The report noted that scientists didn’t expect Rio to be as contaminated than previously thought. In fact, a recent study by local hygiene officers revealed that a petri dish of water from Rio is tainted with contaminants like rotavirus, which can cause gastrointestinal diseases.

According to the official website of Team USA, the delegation of the 2016 U.S. Olympics Team is composed of 555 athletes, 263 men, and 292 women competing in 30 different categories. This is the first time women athletes outnumber the men in an Olympic delegation from a country.

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