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‘Rings’ Full Movie: Watch ‘The Ring’ 3 Complete

‘Rings’ Full Movie: Watch ‘The Ring’ 3 Complete
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‘Rings’ Full Movie: Watch ‘The Ring’ 3 Complete

Can’t wait for the latest “Rings” movie? You don’t have to wait till Halloween to catch the full movie!

‘Rings’ (no connection to the Olympics) is the second sequel to the original ‘The Ring’ movie, which released back in 2002, starring Naomi Watts and Brian Cox. The trailer of the movie is currently out and it quenches all your desires to watch the actual movie itself.

This is because the trailer IS the movie itself, its short version anyway.

If you are a person who likes to binge-watch movie trailers on YouTube, but detest the fact that every one of them leaves you with a feeling of anticipation of what is going to happen next, propelling you to buy the movie tickets and go watch the movie in the theatres, the “Rings” trailer does no such thing.

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‘Rings’ Trailer

It shows you the entire movie is a chronological order in the trailer itself, reports Forbes, so you are left completely satisfied and with the feeling that you just watched a scary, yet ridiculous, short horror film.

Naomi Watts, who was one of the best things about the “The Ring” series, has been replaced with fresh and amateur actors; Samara has been transported from a spooky VHS tape to an attachment on emails sent by someone called “Unknown”, which when clicked directs one to a YouTube link containing the mysterious video clip.

The protagonist, unaware of the legend of Samara (and apparently safe cyber laws), opens the mail, clicks on the link and watches the entire video. Then she gets a call on a corded landline phone (in 21st Century!) and receives the message that she is going to die after 7 days, reports News.

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‘The Ring’ 3

Oh, and keeping Hollywood’s motto alive that “bigger is always better”, Samara also manages to hack into the mini television screens attached to the back of airplane seats in her attempt to graduate to mass killings!

The reaction of most of the people who saw the “Rings” trailer on YouTube, says it all:

“I just saw the whole movie”

“What the f**K this trailer gave away so much of the movie”

“I think I just saw the whole movie and its trash anyways”

“Rings” is set to hit the theaters on 28th October 2016.

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