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Rihanna Shares Why She Cannot Date, Even Drake

Rihanna Shares Why She Cannot Date, Even Drake
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Rihanna Shares Why She Cannot Date, Even Drake

Despite rumors of her and Drake dating, Rihanna is still single. She said so herself in her most recent interview, citing her busy schedule as the main reason she cannot entertain dates.

Rihanna has dropped her new album after almost four years. While it took her such a long time to launch a new album, this does not mean she was sitting around doing nothing. Her schedule for the past years, especially now that her album is out, is “crazy.” She said she finds it difficult to find time for love. The rumor of her dating Drake once again is nullified by the singer.

Rihanna was asked about her dating status by a Vogue representative, to which she replied, “My schedule is so crazy right now.” She made it a point to state that this is the reason she is single. She mentioned, “It’s definitely going to be a challenge when I do decide to pursue a relationship . . . but I have hope!”

The busy lady does not even have time for exercise. “I don’t work out as much as I’d like to,” adding, “but my trainer Jamie is a beast and she makes me pay for it.”

She actually said this already back in February, on “The Ellen Degeneres” show. “I’m single right now. And it’s not that I’m like ‘Oh, pro single. Yes, I hate men.’ I just think that I just have so much on my plate that I can’t even find the time to entertain a steady relationship or anything serious,” Rihanna said at the time.

It seems not dating has paid off, anyway. “Anti,” her new album, is much different from the other albums she has made so far. The sensational singer pointed out, “I just gravitated toward the songs that were honest to where I’m at right now.”

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