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Rihanna New Single: RiRi to Drop ‘Sledgehammer’ Teaser Video

Rihanna New Single: RiRi to Drop ‘Sledgehammer’ Teaser Video
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Rihanna New Single: RiRi to Drop ‘Sledgehammer’ Teaser Video

Rihanna doesn’t want to keep her fans waiting for her new single Sledgehammer until Star Trek Beyond releases next month. She has already released a teaser for the new song from the movie’s soundtrack on Twitter and revealed that a special premier of the song Sledgehammer will be released Monday.

Rihanna’s new single floated on Friday after iTunes posted promo images of the track. Twitter user @PopCrave shared a screengrab of the promo images, which immediately got a lot of attention,

Furthermore, the Verge reported that a tweet by the singer in 2014 indicated that the song was probably in development for years. “You’re just another brick and I’m a sledgehammer,” she tweeted in 2014, as quoted by the Verge.

Rihanna also took to Twitter to make the announcement. Alongside a teaser of the track, Rihanna wrote, “@StarTrekMovie fans, be up tomorrow by 8am EST for a special premiere!”

The popular singer is currently on her “Anti World Tour” in the United Kingdom. While performing in Dublin earlier this week, she failed to hold back her emotions. “I only have ever in my life heard an audience of people scream so loud that they sound like one voice and that only happens in Ireland, in Dublin. Thank you so much,” Rihanna told the audience afterwards.

Directed by Justin Lin, Star Trek Beyond will hit theaters on July 22. Idris Elba will be seen as the main villain in the film. The other actors include franchise regulars Chris Pine, Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto. The script of the movie has been co-written by Pegg, the NME reported. Anton Yelchin, 27, who played the part of Chekov in the movie, died earlier this month.

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