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Rickey Taylor: Meet The Man With ‘Darkest Side Of Humanity’

Rickey Taylor: Meet The Man With ‘Darkest Side Of Humanity’
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Rickey Taylor: Meet The Man With ‘Darkest Side Of Humanity’

Rickey Taylor brutally tortured and murdered a mother and her son in Georgia, projecting the “darkest side of humanity,” authorities said.

Police went to the victims’ house the night of August 7 when they discovered two bodies, identified as James Sramek, 29, and his 61-year-old mother Nicola.

According to a press release by Gwinnett County Police Department, Taylor was arrested and charged for the murders of Nicola and Sramek. The release stated he was connected to the crime through video surveillance and physical evidence.

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“Taylor is a heinous criminal and exhibited the darkest side of humanity,” said the press release. “It is very disturbing to know that there are people in our society capable of exacting such levels of violence against others.”

The media release said that the motive behind the murder was robbery. It was revealed that the 28-year-old killer knew James. The killer was taken into custody on August 6 for a crime spree of armed robberies in the area. He did that in a 24 to 48-hour timeframe.

Suddenly, police was informed that he was in custody. After that, he was interviewed and charged with the murders, according to Heavy.

While working at Tony’s Bar and Grill in Roswell, Sramek was known in the Atlanta community as a local hip-hop artist. A longtime friend of his said that Sramek had been on the rap scene for at least six years.

In the hip-hop scene, James was known as Illa. His friend also said that Sramek faced some problems back at the hip-hop community due to the color of his skin.

“He never let that bother him because his thing was, ‘It doesn’t matter what I look like,” said Simone Young, Sramek’s co-worker.

Rickey Taylor was charged with malice murder, armed robbery and false imprisonment.

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