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Review: ‘Blackberry Priv’

Review: ‘Blackberry Priv’
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Review: ‘Blackberry Priv’

Blackberry has tried to re-enter and re-capture the smartphone market with Priv, the company’s first Android phone.

Blackberry has tried to re-enter and re-capture the smartphone market with Priv, the company’s first Android phone. With one last try to survive, Priv’s sales figure is of the utmost importance to the company.

Those with no option than to use the in-built keyboards will rejoice, as Blackberry Priv is back with a physical keyboard. It has a touch screen as well as a keyboard. It will disappoint neither loyal fans nor new buyers. While you boot the phone, be patient as the process may take a bit longer than expected. But once it is ready to use, Priv is a fast performer. With a 3410 mAh battery, Blackberry’s new phone lasts long. Just make sure you sync it well; otherwise the phone becomes hot and the battery gets drained quickly. If you notice that your battery drains faster, the device is getting hot, or if you encounter problems with email, remove all of your email IDs and re-add them.

Right now, the device runs on Android 5.1.1, but news is that Blackberry Priv will soon be upgraded to Android Marshmallow. Living up to its name, Priv for privacy, Blackberry has brought a unique feature to this phone: DTEK, an app that allows you to monitor every single thing happening on your device, which includes details of information accessed by Android apps.

If you buy smartphones for photography, Blackberry Priv has a decent camera; but again, there are better photography-centric phones in the market. Even though the 18-megapixel camera has been fitted into the device, it does not impress much. Blackberry is known for manufacturing devices for enterprise audience. Considering this fact, the 2-megapixel front camera is sheer disappointment.

Blackberry has relaunched itself, so a price-tag of $699 is a bit too much. For people to give a try, it should come cheap. With time, we will get to know if people are really going to invest into Blackberry Priv.

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