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Revealed: Charleston Shooting Suspect Link With Republicans

Revealed: Charleston Shooting Suspect Link With Republicans
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Revealed: Charleston Shooting Suspect Link With Republicans

Presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum are now being dragged into the controversy surrounding Charleston shooting suspect’s white supremacy sentiment. Dylann Roof claimed that the Council of Conservative Citizens, led by Earl Holt, had helped him develop his hate for African-Americans.

As it turned out, Holt had donated in the past a total of $65,000 to Republican campaign funds, The Guardian has learned.

White supremacist contributed to republican campaign funds

The Guardian newspaper learned from anonymous sources that Holt contributed $8,500 to Cruz in 2012. According to federal Election Commission filings seen by the newspaper, Holt had also contributed to Cruz’s political action committee. He had also made donations amounting to $1,750 to Paul, $2,000 to Mitt Romney and $1500 to Santorum. Tens of thousands of donations under Holt’s name were also given to senators Steve King of Iowa, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Jeff Flake of Arizona and former congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Rick Tyler, a spokesman for Cruz told The Guardian it has been made aware of the donations and that a full refund is being processed.

“Upon review, we discovered that Mr Holt did make a contribution. We will be immediately refunding the donation,” Tyler told The Guardian.

Matthew Beynon, a spokesman for Santorum, told The Guardian that Santorum denounces racist and hateful sentiments.

“Senator Santorum does not condone or respect racist or hateful comments of any kind. Period. The views the Senator campaigns on are his own and he is focused on uniting America, not dividing her,” Beynon said.

Holt refused to comment.

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Not responsible for deranged members

Holt, however, made an official statement regarding Roof’s association to the Council of Conservative Citizens which he heads.

“This is not surprising: The CofCC is one of perhaps three websites in the world that accurately and honestly report black-on-white violent crime, and in particular, the seemingly endless incidents involving black-on-white murder,” he said in a statement.

“The CofCC is hardly responsible for the actions of this deranged individual merely because he gleaned accurate information from our website,” he said.


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