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Retina MacBook Air Not Part Of Apple’s October 16 Event?

Retina MacBook Air Not Part Of Apple’s October 16 Event?


Retina MacBook Air Not Part Of Apple’s October 16 Event?

Retina MacBook Air Not Part Of October 16 EventApple’s scheduled media affair on October 16 will definitely push through although there seems to be one caveat coming from the latest rumors today – Apple will not introduce the Retina MacBook Air during the event.

The Cupertino firm has been long rumored to be tweaking and updating its redesigned MacBook Air which could come out with the much-sought after Retina display and certain quarters are saying this may be so, but Apple will not include the revitalized laptop in its roster of devices for the October media event.

Quoting a source that has insider’s info into to matter:

“Apple may well have a new MacBook Air with Retina Display in the pipeline, but it’s not going to unveil it this week. Sources familiar with Apple’s plans tell me that the company’s latest reimagining of the ultralight laptop won’t be shown off at its Thursday eventAs I reported earlier this month, this event will be headlined by Apple’s latest iPads, a new hi-res iMac and OS X Yosemite.”

For several weeks now after the fruit firm unleashed its new flagship handheld mobile units, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, murmurings about other Apple products were the main targets for the latest rumors foremost of which are the new iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 3 and the 27-inch iMac with Retina display. Some reports do mention the MacBook Air getting its own update as well as the smallest member of the clan, the iMac Mini, but the rumors about these gadgets were fewer when compared to the stars of Apple’s October 16th event with the teasing catch phrase “It’s been way too long”.

Rumors have it that the unavailability of Intel’s next generation Broadwell processor may be the culprit behind the MacBook’s delay.  The Broadwell chips are not expected to be ready until the first quarter of 2015. Sticking to its quality standards which the company has been famous for, Apple might be holding production of the new MacBook as it wants to use the new Intel chips as these will allow the new laptops to have fan-less models and other energy-saving benefits. Aside from these, it is also rumored that the new MacBooks will be the thinnest of the lot as Apple engineers incorporate a click-less trackpad and fewer peripheral connections into the device.

The current line of MacBook Airs was recently updated last April with a very minor speed improvement and price cut.  Presently, the notebooks come in two screen variants – an 11.6-incher and a 13.3-incher.  The rumored MacBook Air with Retina display will unify the line by coming in only a single 12-inch screen size.

Even though users may not see the new MacBook Air this coming Thursday, there is still a lot to look forward to as Apple continues to come up with products to its fan’s delight.

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