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Restaurant Serves Human Flesh, Hides Cut Off Heads – Report

Restaurant Serves Human Flesh, Hides Cut Off Heads – Report
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Restaurant Serves Human Flesh, Hides Cut Off Heads – Report

Police have reportedly raided a restaurant in Anambra, Nigeria after reports that it is serving human flesh as ingredients in one of its most costly meals. The police have reportedly found cut off heads being drained into plastic bags at the back of the restaurant.

Priest is unaware he was served human meat

Local residents have reportedly tipped off the police about unusual activities at the restaurant, the reported, citing a separate report from BBC News Swahili. There were suspicious men coming in and out of the restaurant, the locals said.

“Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel. People who were never cleanly dressed and who looked a bit strange made their way in and out of the hotel, making me very suspicious of their activities,” one resident was quoted as saying.

A priest who has eaten in the restaurant told police he was surprised to find his bill amounting to four times the daily wage of common Nigerian laborers.

“The attendant noticed my reaction and told me it was the small piece of meat I had eaten that made the bill scale that high. I did not know I had been served with human meat, and that it was that expensive,” the priest said.

Police denied the report

The Anambra State Police denied the report, saying it was false and embarrassing.

“There was nothing like that. I advise you to ignore that report. It’s not true and it did not happen. We don’t have such record. It’s embarrassing,” Uche Eze, Anambra State Police public relations officer, told Information Nigeria in a telephone interview.


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