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Resident Evil 7 VR Demo Reactions, More Theories, Teasers Revealed

Resident Evil 7 VR Demo Reactions, More Theories, Teasers Revealed
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Resident Evil 7 VR Demo Reactions, More Theories, Teasers Revealed

Ask any horror fan amongst the E3 attendees and they will point us at Resident Evil 7. Since the release of its demo at the expo, gamers have been spending days to find different endings and they cannot be stopped. Almost every item found in the house has started speculations and scary conspiracies.

While games like Hideo Kojima’s P.T has also established itself as a challenging horror game, Resident Evil 7 seems to be at the top spot right now. To get a better perspective of the game’s terrifying environment in the house, few E3 attendees tried out the game in VR.

Most demo testers at E3 said that the game is “the scariest Resident Evil” ever, Bloody Disgusting reported. You can listen to them share non-spoiler details about Resident Evil 7 in the video below.

In our earlier report we shared details on several endings stated by reddit and NeoGAF users. But a recent article from The Bit bag revealed two new possible endings in Resident Evil 7.

Reddit user Makotochi believes that players can get access to two secret doors after they pull the lever in the fireplace. However, it remains to be a theory for now, as he suggested gamers should do a quick search throughout the house once the lever is pulled rather than head directly into the secret room.

One NeoGAF user also stated that the VHS and reality is connected together. Rather than just believing it to be a flashback, gamers must play the VHS tape and also open the lever. This would give the player access to a key. However, if we prioritize on finding the secret lever from the start, the key will be replaced by a fuse due to our actions.

We still don’t have a detailed walkthrough tutorial or images to prove these new Resident Evil 7 theories. But if true, more gamers are expected to look for more clues from different items to formulate theories.

While the game’s plot still hasn’t been revealed to us, we got a vague teaser from director Koushi Nakanishi and producer Masachika Kawata. During their interview with Game Reactor, they responded to a question about the Resident Evil 7 story line.

Nakanishi said it will set off “after the events of Resident Evil 6.” He also added that, “you are put into an extreme survival situation and the feeling of just how am I ever going to get out of this? or how am I going to survive or escape?” More leaks are expected to come out before the release on January 24, 2017.

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