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‘Resident Evil 7’ Demo Contains 7 Endings; Walkthrough, VR Issue & More

‘Resident Evil 7’ Demo Contains 7 Endings; Walkthrough, VR Issue & More
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‘Resident Evil 7’ Demo Contains 7 Endings; Walkthrough, VR Issue & More

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 has been added to the most awaited games along with Battlefield 1, thanks to its breathtaking horror content. Since the release of its demo, gamers were puzzled by its ending and titillated by the fact that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Horrifyingly, it was true. An extensive research of the demo recently unveiled different endings.

As of now, seven endings have been explored, but users in the internet are suggesting that there are more. Initially, gamers who tried the demo would come across two endings. One would lead the player to either an exit or a ringing phone.

Meanwhile, the seven known endings have been captured and compiled as a video by Games Radar. However, users in forums have already started speculating about their findings and submitted different conspiracies regarding the demo.

One post by NeoGAF user Dusk Golem turned out to be deeper than we could imagine. He said, “So, I don’t know how important this is, but my girlfriend has been taking a recent interest in RE and was looking into the RE7 demo stuff. She’s mentioned to me that the ‘Aunt Rhody’ song in the trailer is backmasked and decompiling it and pulling it apart, it has a lot of secrets in it. She has a history in music, and mentioned the song has unnatural pitch tones and what sounds like messages split apart, reversed, and put to different pitches to mask them.”

Dusk Golem continued to decipher the song with his girlfriend. Other users across Reddit and Imgur have found activities that lead to different theories, coordinates, Morse codes, etc.

While we may not find other important evidence leading to new theories, gamers across the world are still searching the house for more clues.

In other news, according to Kotaku, Resident Evil 7 in VR has been reported to cause nausea. Capcom has announced in a statement that the team is working to improve the experience. Click here to know more. Resident Evil 7 will release on January 24, 2017.

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