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‘Resident Evil 7’: Capcom Reveals Recorder And Knife, ‘RIP Typewriter’

‘Resident Evil 7’: Capcom Reveals Recorder And Knife, ‘RIP Typewriter’
Resident Evil 7 Rob Obsidian / Flickr CC BY 2.0


‘Resident Evil 7’: Capcom Reveals Recorder And Knife, ‘RIP Typewriter’

Capcom has released two more clips for its video series “World of Resident Evil 7.” The videos, which aim to release more information on the upcoming survival horror title, have announced two more features: saving and knife-wielding.

Video no. 3, titled “Recorder,” shows the save feature, which utilizes a tape recorder. Long-time fans of the series will either like or dislike this shift from using the typewriter. User fastmower on the NeoGAF forums, for example, wrote, “That tape recorder video bummed me out. Talk about immersion breaking.”

The fourth video, entitled “Stock Up,” shows how players will be forced to be resourceful in order to survive whatever perils come their way. The video hints at the importance of using a knife to break and cut various objects.

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Previously, Capcom has released volumes 1 and 2, titled “Mysterious Caller” and “Shotgun in the Box,” respectively. The latter reveals the return of item boxes, the grid-based inventory system and, of course, the beloved shotgun.

“Resident Evil 7” is scheduled to be released this January for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Watch the two new videos below.

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