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Research Shows that 87% of Americans Now Regularly Uses the Internet

Research Shows that 87% of Americans Now Regularly Uses the Internet


Research Shows that 87% of Americans Now Regularly Uses the Internet

You should be aware that the World Wide Web is turning 25 years old on March 12. One may wonder what have changed in a quarter of a century? This led Pew Research Center to conduct a survey that would show how far the Web has come through the years.

It could be considered as a tribute to the World Wide Web. The release of the findings of the survey indicates how the Internet has figured in into American culture and society. It found that overwhelmingly, up to 87% of adult US citizens now regularly use the Internet. Interestingly, most of those also assert that the online media has created a positive impact on their lives and on society overall.

That would be great news two and a half decades following the release of the first ever Web browser called Mosaic by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Today, there are various online browsers available to the public.

 The survey

The poll was conducted in January and had 1,006 adult respondents. Up to 90% of those respondents personally think that the Internet has truly become a good and useful tool for them. Out of those respondents, up to 75% think that the online media have helped improve the society.

About 53% of the poll respondents think that it would be ‘very hard’ for them to give up the World Wide Web now or in the future. Around 40% of the respondents assert that the Internet is an absolute necessity in their lives.

Wide adoption of the Internet

According to Pew Research, the Web has become instrumental in turning the online media from a mere data-transfer system into a mass-adopted technology. From specialists, it is now used not just by academics but also by hundreds of millions of ordinary people from all over the world.

According to the company’s analysts, the Internet today is close to its saturation point, or 100% usage, especially in households that are generating at least $75,000 of income (99%), young adults aged 18 years to 29 years (97%), and college degree holders (97%). Interestingly, up to 68% of American adults now connect to the online media using their mobile devices like tablet PCs and smartphones.

It can be noted that Pew has been tracking online usage since 1995. Back then, just about 14% of Americans were using the World Wide Web.

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