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Research Shows 42 Percent Of Tinder Users Aren’t Single

Research Shows 42 Percent Of Tinder Users Aren’t Single
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Research Shows 42 Percent Of Tinder Users Aren’t Single

Here’s a disturbing truth: there’s a huge chance that the ideal guy or woman you met on Tinder isn’t even single. That is according to a research conducted by Global Web Index, which has released five charts about the highly downloaded dating app.

While some data collected seem to state the obvious, such as how 70% of Tinder users also visit other online dating sites, the fifth chart startles with shocking findings.

The most “enthusiastic” age group that uses Tinder are aged 16 to 34. Men outnumber the women 60 to 40.

And a “significant portion” of them are in a relationship.

So does this strengthen CEO Sean Rad’s claim that Tinder is never a dating app to begin with, but rather, a “social discovery platform?”

Molly McHugh of Wired came to the defense of who others might call “cheaters.”

“As a non-single who’s used Tinder, I don’t think that’s how I’d describe it; it’s more like a social gaming app,” she wrote.

Also, Molly said she used the app for “creeping purposes” so as to see who else is on Tinder.

EJ Dickson has also written for The Daily Dot about using Tinder while in a serious relationship. The article lists down reasons such as boosting the ego, serving as a matchmaker, trolling, finding someone for a threesome and many more.

No doubt that Tinder has become so big, even taken ones are using it. But in the same research done by Global Web Index, it has been found that only 1% of Internet users are on the app, which is yet to overtake competitors such as and OKCupid. Even Chinese dating site Jiayuan is used by more people.


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