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Republicans Speak Against Hillary Clinton’s Attack On New Voter Rule

Republicans Speak Against Hillary Clinton’s Attack On New Voter Rule
Hillary in Lorain today Rona Proudfoot / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Republicans Speak Against Hillary Clinton’s Attack On New Voter Rule

The Republicans reacted following Democrat Hillary Clinton’s critique on voter registration laws, saying the Democrat forerunner is “out of touch with state’s rights.”

In an interview with CBS on Face of the Nation, Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey said Clinton is someone who does not know what she is talking about.

According to Christie, in New Jersey, they also have early voting, which the Americans may avail of.


Clinton’s campaign last week was highlighted with her speech delivered at Texas Southern University, where the Democrat Presidential wannabe accused the Republicans of being involved in a systematic and deliberate way of disenfranchising voters across the nation by enacting laws that would make it more difficult for voters to cast their ballots.

“Republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of Americans from voting. What part of democracy are they afraid of?” Clinton was quoted in the LA Times and cautioned the G.O.P to expound why they were so scared of allowing citizens to have their say.

But on the CBS show, Christie spoke and explained he does not support expanding the early voting and “increase the opportunities for fraud.” He even went further and returned the accusation by saying “maybe that is what Mrs. Clinton wants to do.”

Christie is yet to announce his presidential intent within the month. In 2013, he voted against a bill proposed by the Democrats supposedly to seek for an expansion of in-person early voting.

Another Republican Presidential hopeful, Governor Rick Perry from Texas also echoed Christie’s opinion of Clinton’s critique, lambasting the female presidential bidder’s criticism as “ridiculous.”

“It is way outside the norm of ridiculous, if you want to know the truth of the matter, to call out the people of the state of Texas, because that’s what she did,” CNN quoted the governor from Texas.

It was in Texas where a disputatious GOP measure was enacted requiring the constituents therein to present an identification card with a photo in order to be given a ballot. Last fall, the Supreme Court allowed to effect its force after being hurled with a couple of lawsuits.

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