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Republican National Convention: Never Trump Failed Because Of These States

Republican National Convention: Never Trump Failed Because Of These States
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Republican National Convention: Never Trump Failed Because Of These States

On Monday, chaos and dissent could be seen at the floor of the Republican National Convention after an attempt was made by the Never Trump movement to alter the event’s rules.

The Never Trump movement were optimistic they would have received the required signatures to bring about a roll call vote. However, three of the states on the original petition withdrew their names before the vote. It has not been known which states took their names off the petition.

As reported by the Heavy, the Never Trump movement was calling for a vote to change the rules which would allow delegates to vote on their conscience and not how their states had voted. With enough signatures on a petition, the movement hoped it would enable them to remove the business mogul as a nominee for the presidential election.

While initially there were nine states wherein the majority of delegates had come to an agreement for a roll call vote (these included Colorado, Washington, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.), towards the end only six states remained.

However, the surprise came when Rep. Steven Womack, the current chair, said that three states had withdrawn their names from the petition; as a result of which, they now had inadequate number of signatures required to force a vote. The bid to force a roll call was thwarted, and so was the effort to unbind the delegates.

During the primary season, Trump had received in excess of 1,237 delegates required to clinch the nomination.

While it could not be known which states had withdrawn their names from the petition, Town Hall reported that Iowa and Colorado delegations had left the floor after a vote hadn’t been allowed earlier.

Meanwhile, according to a national poll of registered voters from Monmouth University the difference between Trump and the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is steadily narrowing. While Clinton led the race by six points a month ago, the difference between the two candidates is down to three points.

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