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Report: 60% of internet traffic is from ‘Bots’

Report: 60% of internet traffic is from ‘Bots’


Report: 60% of internet traffic is from ‘Bots’

A recent report shows that only 40% of the internet activity is performed by actual humans. The rest of the activities are due to bots programmed for certain tasks and activities on internet. You might be thinking that only humans can surf the internet. You would be shocked to study the statistics that how many bots are involved in online surfing.

The very first thing that would come into your mind after reading the statistics is that the traffic might be for the negative reasons. However, this is not entirely true since, robots are responsible for the positive uses of the internet also such as search engine crawling.

Incapsula is a company that monitors its websites for the content driving the traffic and the security of these websites. During 2013, while monitoring the websites, it was revealed that less than 40% of the traffic was due to real humans. We can safely extrapolate this behavior to the other websites. Considering the astonishing figure, you would ask that is this a bad sign or not? The Incapsula argued that this is not a bad omen.

The author of report, Igal Zeifman presented his facts that bots are not all spammers and hackers. They might also be helping the people in finding new grounds on internet such as Googlebot and Bingbot.

This fact brings another dimension of the search engines that they are striving very hard to bring more websites into their searching algorithm to facilitate the users as much as possible. Bots are always there to scan the presence of the listed websites in the database of the Google and finding whether they are up-to-date or not.

Nearly 1.5 billion bots are reported to be visited in 2013. They span nearly 20000 websites in 249 countries. However, the great news is that the spammer bots have decreased significantly since 2012. They now comprise just 1% of their overall internet activity.

It would be unwise to declare the activities by Bots as all safe. It has been reported that 1 in 20 attacks by Bots is for hacking while 1 in 5 website hits is definitely some kind of impersonators.

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