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Reddit Is Down
Reddit is down at the moment


Reddit Is Down

Reddit is down at the moment. Get the details here.

Update: Reddit is back up again. We have no information yet about the time it went back up, because we’re so busy getting out Reddit lives back.

Is Reddit down? Yup, Reddit is down at the moment.

Sorry Redditors, you need to go find your internet fix somewhere else. Reddit is down and according to the website’s announcement, they’re down for a scheduled maintenance.

Dec 14, 12:46 PST
Reddit announced that they were getting a higher number of “unusual” errors in the website. They also had a hard time processing votes, but assured Redditors that they will be counted as soon as things get fixed.

Dec 14, 13:58 PST
There was also a problem with the “users here now” feature so the admin had temporarily disabled it.

Dec 14, 18:31 PST
Their cassandra databases were also under “extreme load” and Reddit had been working on the situation. Reddit announced that they will have to take down the site for mending and troubleshooting.

Dec 14, 20:24 PST

Their OAth clients, like Alien Blue, are also not working.

Solution: VentureBeat noted that Reddit is only down for logged in users, and that you can simply log out and work in incognito mode if you want to access the website. Well, we tried it in incognito mode and we still couldn’t log in. We saw the home page and got the sad maintenance screen a few seconds after. And logging in still took time.

Another solution: Wait for them to get things fixed. Maybe you can still sleep on it. Meanwhile, watch the video of the Instagram Husbands here. It made our day last time so it can make yours too.

Reddit is down

Reddit is down

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Reddit Status

Reddit Status


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