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Reddit Breaks Silence Over New Content Policy, Defers Monetization Plan

Reddit Breaks Silence Over New Content Policy, Defers Monetization Plan
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Reddit Breaks Silence Over New Content Policy, Defers Monetization Plan

While Reddit’s weekend post said there shall be a new content policy implemented, Chief Executive Officer Steve Huffman, however, clarified the online bulletin board will continue enforcing the usual “quarantining” offensive comments, in a bid to appease raging volunteer moderators and users.

But Reddit assured comments that are segregated can still be found by anyone who wish to read them. Filtering comments aims to prevent other users from intruding others. Notwithstanding that, however, Huffman reiterated the social networking retains wide discretion over banning outright some material.

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“I want to be very clear: I don’t want to ever ban content. Sometimes, however, I feel we have no choice because we want to protect Reddit itself,” Huffman said.

Sam Altman, Y Combinator founder and Reddit board member, also disclosed that Reddit directors shall first work on increasing the site’s audience before it will be turned into a “for profit” organization. To date, Reddit has 160 million monthly users.

Following the ruckus in Reddit, calling for the resignation of interim CEO Ellen Pao, moderator volunteers expressed concern over plans that Reddit might convert the site “into an ecommerce platform,” FT reports.

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“I think ads will work if necessary. But there are some really cool things Reddit may be able to do with it, for example, commerce,” Altman said on a thread in Reddit.

However, Altman brushed off the idea that it will materialize anytime soon.

“We agreed as a board not to focus too much on monetization for now. Someday, we’ll need Reddit to be profitable, but we want to do it in a thoughtful way,” Altman assured the volunteers and users.

Technology consultant Zack Exley commented on the possibility of increasing Reddit’s worth.

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“Reddit is being forced into this bubble mentality. People think if you are a company on the Internet you should be able to return mega profits. Actually, if they asked their users to pitch in, they could be nicely profitable, just not bringing in gazillions of dollars,” Exley was quoted by FT as saying. Reddit has been controversial when former CEO Pao fired Victoria Taylor last week.

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