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Real Vladimir Putin Badass Quotes

Real Vladimir Putin Badass Quotes
Vladimir Putin took part in a Russian Geographical Society expedition to examine ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea President Of Russia Official Website


Real Vladimir Putin Badass Quotes

Russian President Vladimir Putin saying “To forgive the terrorist is up to God, to send them to him is up to me” is fake.

Unless you are living under a rock, you should know by now that the supposedly viral quote from Russian President Vladimir Putin saying “To forgive the terrorist is up to God, to send them to him is up to me” is fake. Apparently, the quote is from Denzel Washington in his film “Man on Fire.”

However, undeniably, Mr. Putin has a record of the most badass quotes to have come from a political figure. After all, he will not be number one in Forbes’ list of World’s Most Powerful People for three consecutive years for no reason. Morning News USA has compiled what we think are the most badass quotes from the president.

On denying he was terribly ill in March 2015: “Life would be boring without gossip.”

On slamming a BBC journalist in December 2014 when asked for opinion that he was starting a new Cold War: “U.S. bases are scattered around the globe – and you’re telling me Russia is behaving aggressively? Do you have any common sense at all? What are U.S. armed forces doing in Europe, also with tactical nuclear weapons? What are they doing there?”

“We will chase terrorists everywhere. If in airport, then in the airport. So if we find them in the toilet, excuse me, we’ll rub them out in the outhouse. And that’s it, case closed,” he said as quoted by The Telegraph.

“It’s difficult to talk to people who whisper even at home, afraid of Americans eavesdropping on them. It’s not a figure of speech, not a joke, I’m serious,” he said at an annual even in April 2014.

“He turned out to be a strong man, raped 10 women. I never would have expected it of him. He has surprised us all, we all envy him!” was said in October 2006. He was joking about then-Israeli president Moshe Katsav.

“Hitler wanted to destroy Russia – everyone needs to remember how that ended” at the annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly on December 2014 as quoted by the Money Morning.

“If you want to become an Islamic fundamentalist and be circumsized, come to Moscow. We are multiconfessional. We have very good specialists. I can recommend one for the operation. He’ll make sure nothing grows back,” he said regarding Russia’s alleged tortures in Chechnya in November 2002.

“Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.”

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