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Real Dragons Found In Tibet: Tibetan Dragon Facts And Everything To Know

Real Dragons Found In Tibet: Tibetan Dragon Facts And Everything To Know
Did a dragon fall from the sky in Tibet? That’s what the video is claiming Radio Valley 99.9 / Facebook


Real Dragons Found In Tibet: Tibetan Dragon Facts And Everything To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

The internet these days is filled with just about anything. Recently, a video showing a dragon that fell from the skies in Tibet is doing the rounds online.

The 12-foot-something creature that had fallen from the sky appears lifeless in the video. The creature’s right lower limb was disfigured and severed from its torso. The 35-second video, which was shared by Radio Valley 99.9, generated 2.1-million views and about 85,633 shares as of posting.

Dragons and Buddhism

In heavily Buddhist Tibet, dragons play a vital role not only in cultural heritage but in religious beliefs. Although dragons were not originally introduced with the Buddhism religion, its entry into China from India roughly 2,000 years ago gave rise to the fusion of dragons in Buddhism, an article by says.

Since dragons have been an integral part of the Chinese culture for over seven millennia, it’s no wonder that some of its influences, including how dragons play a vital role in culture and history, helped shape the religion of Buddhism itself.

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With China’s influence on the religion of Buddhism, these influences have been brought to other countries that also practice Buddhim, including Japan, Tibet, and the Koreas, among others.

Hoax or Real?

As to the truth behind the incident of a dragon that fell from the sky in Tibet, Snopes, a website known for debunking hoaxes, claimed that video was nothing but fake. It turned out that it was a dragon sculpture made for a Spanish TV show Cuarto Milenio.

The TV show itself features different conspiracy theories, mythical creatures, and mysteries in nature. A separate video was also made available showing the making of the dragon that went viral days after it was first uploaded in the internet.

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