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Reachability makes One-Handed Use of the New and Bigger iPhones Easy

Reachability makes One-Handed Use of the New and Bigger iPhones Easy


Reachability makes One-Handed Use of the New and Bigger iPhones Easy

Reachability makes One-Handed Use iPhonesRumors were affirmed and dreams came true as Apple unveiled its new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6+ during its affair attended by everyone in the mobile industry including fashion moguls who were there for the Apple Watch which also took the limelight during the event.

Of course, the real stars of the show were the two new iPhones sporting bigger screen real estate which necessitated an innovative way to interact with the handsets’ interface using just one hand. First, Apple made some button re-assignments – the most obvious one being the sleep/wake button which had migrated from the top right of the handset to the right hand edge of the device. Apple also placed the button a little bit lower and closer to the user’s thumb making it easier to reach without any effort or the need to move the phone up and down one’s hand. Second, Apple introduced Reachability – a feature built-in into iOS 8 which makes UI interaction on the big iPhones even easier.

IOS 7 already has the swipe-left and swipe-right gestures built into it, but to make UI interaction on the bigger-screened iPhones even simpler and more user-friendly, Apple added another gesture feature called Reachability to iOS 8. With Reachability, all the user has to do is to double tap, not double press, the device’s Touch ID and this gesture moves the entire active interface down the screen making everything, icons and all, accessible to the user’s fingers. The iPhones’ Touch ID Fingerprint System is made up of sophisticated sensors which not only identifies via biometrics, but also be used to sense movements such as taps and presses using the device’s Home button. As Reachability is built-in into iOS 8, it works not only with Apple’s built-in apps but also with third party apps.

Finally, Apple also included a “desktop scaler” feature which correctly displays webpages and other on screen content without any modification made by the developers to their apps/programs.

It has been a very busy day for the Cupertino company but judging from all the buzz generated by its unveiling event, Apple can rest assured that they still have what it takes to WOW the industry in which they thrive.

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