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Ray Fisher Teases Cyborg In ‘Justice League’, DCEU Merchandise Revealed

Ray Fisher Teases Cyborg In ‘Justice League’, DCEU Merchandise Revealed
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Ray Fisher Teases Cyborg In ‘Justice League’, DCEU Merchandise Revealed

It looks like Ray Fisher’s Cyborg is currently the most underrated superhero in Justice League. While Henry Cavill and the rest of the cast have been hitting headlines for their roles, Fisher has remained silent. Nevertheless, he’s certainly winning fans’ hearts on social media.

The actor has been embracing his superhero role in DCEU the way Jason Momoa does. Recently, Fisher revealed his Borg life to fans on Instagram by uploading a teaser image.

Fisher is seen wearing a hat with the JL logo. The post was captioned, “We’re in a League of our own.”

His followers are feeling excited as it looks like the actor is promoting merchandise for Justice League. Check out the image below.

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While it’s possible that Warner Bros. designed merchandises to promote Justice League, it could be items only available to cast and crew members.

Earlier, there were speculations that Fisher will be starring in a stand-alone Cyborg movie. However, Warner Bros. still hasn’t confirmed it in their schedule list.

Cyborg will be appear in The Flash. Furthermore, it has been suggested that his role would involve be a team-up with the speedster rather than a cameo.

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Cyborg is known as one of the founding members of Justice League. The superhero plays a significant part in stopping the invasion by Apokolips in DC Comics and the animated film.

Besides being a cybernetic organism for DCEU, Fisher is actively rallying against the Dakota Access Pipeline with Ezra Miller and the rest of the cast from Justice League.

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