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Rancho Santa Fe Mysterious Murder-Suicide Case: Hannah Ayra, Mia Shin & 3rd Body Found

Rancho Santa Fe Mysterious Murder-Suicide Case: Hannah Ayra, Mia Shin & 3rd Body Found
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Rancho Santa Fe Mysterious Murder-Suicide Case: Hannah Ayra, Mia Shin & 3rd Body Found

Rancho Santa Fe mysterious murder-suicide investigation took a new turn as the brother of a Los Angeles real estate agent confirmed that his sister is one of the three victims who died inside the house.

According to the brother, Mia Shin, 56, was an old friend of the homeowner Michael Arya, who died earlier this year from lung cancer. It was previously reported that Hannah Arya, his teenage daughter, had been identified as the second victim, in online posts.

Surprisingly, a vehicle was found parked at the home, since the murders took place on Monday. The car was registered to Michael Arya’s sister, 48-year-old Sayeh Amini, said CBS News.

However, law enforcement authorities have not yet identified Amini as the third victim. Arya’s sister was identified by relatives.

According to the man who sold the Rancho Santa Fe house to Michael Ayra about 18 months ago, Ayra’s girlfriend was concerned about being turned out of the house after his death. James Zolin said that Ayra’s teenage daughter and sister might have been at the house, along with his girlfriend.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that on Tuesday, autopsies were conducted. Although sheriff’s investigators have not yet confirmed how the three died, Zolin informed the press that Ayra once told him that he owned a handgun.

Zolin also stated that he and Arya became good friends during the process of the house sale was taking place. While Zolin visited Arya often, he saw Arya’s Russian girlfriend, Marina Ryzhkova, 29.

Zolin said that Ryzhkova took care of Ayra, as he contracted lung cancer. “She took good care of him,” Zolin said. “He never mentioned to me that he’d made any provision for her.”

Deputies saw the body of one of the women through a kitchen window when they arrived on the scene. According to SDSO Lt. Kenn Nelson, they made a forced entry and discovered all three bodies in separate areas of the house.

Condolences were written by friends of the Rancho Santa Fe victim Hannah Arya’s Instagram account in recent days. Her mother lives in Oregon.

Already feels like summer🔥

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I had a stain ok @_s.veta_ 😂

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