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Rainbow ‘Shines’ Over Pulse Nightclub After Orlando Shooting

Rainbow ‘Shines’ Over Pulse Nightclub After Orlando Shooting
Double Rainbow Susanne Nilsson / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

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Rainbow ‘Shines’ Over Pulse Nightclub After Orlando Shooting

In the wake of the horror caused by the Orlando shooting last Sunday, different ways of commemorating the soul of 49 victims of the massive shooting have circulated online, but nothing can beat the appearance of a rainbow in the Orlando sky.

Photos of the rainbow circulated the internet like wildfire as the entire country mourns the death of the innocent victims.

Symbolic Rainbow

While residents around the Pulse nightclub took to social media their way of remembering those who died, the appearance of the rainbow offered a symbolic way of honoring the victims.

Hundreds of Orlando residents immediately shared photos of the rainbow that appeared after a heavy downpour on Tuesday. One Instagram user posted on her account that she spotted the colorful arc just a few blocks away from the massacre site. The rainbow appeared while the massacre site became eerie over the past few days after the incident.

Double Rainbow

What’s more interesting is that one Instagram user, John Taggart, spotted and photographed not only one, but a double rainbow just above the popular gay nightclub in Orlando. Some social media users consider the appearance of the rainbow as a sentimental symbolism of the 49 lives lost from a tragic event.

The timing of the rainbow over Orlando is deemed symbolic, as the entire country and the world is in grief over what some call a hate crime at its highest form. U.S. President Barack Obama has already condemned the mass shooting, saying it was an attack against the country. The suspect, Omar Mateen, killed himself after the shooting spree that left Orlando and the entire country in grief.

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