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Rahm Emanuel Re-elected As Mayor Of Chicago, Wins Over Jesus Garcia

Rahm Emanuel Re-elected As Mayor Of Chicago, Wins Over Jesus Garcia
Image from Flickr by Daniel X. O’Neil


Rahm Emanuel Re-elected As Mayor Of Chicago, Wins Over Jesus Garcia

Rahm Emanuel

Image from Flickr by Daniel X. O’Neil

On Tuesday, Rahm Emanuel was re-elected as mayor of Chicago.

Mr. Emanuel, who critics call Mayor 1 Percent owing to his strong centrist policies, surpassed his opposition, county commissioner Jesus G. Garcia, who was looking to becoming the first Latino mayor of the city.

Emanuel emerged with 56 percent to Mr. Garcia’s 44 percent after 98 percent of precincts had been counted.

According to The New York Times, Mr. Garcia criticized the mayor for shutting down public schools and ignoring Chicago’s working class and the poor. Mr. Emanuel, in his rebuttal, said that Garcia was under-qualified, emphasizing his lack of focus on issues regarding city debt, unfunded pension liabilities and increasing crime rate.

Mr. Emanuel was reported by Yahoo! News on Tuesday night as saying, “To all the voters I want to thank you for putting me through my paces.

“I will be a better mayor because of that. I will carry your voices, your concerns into … the mayor’s office.”

A survey of voters revealed that while Mr. Emanuel’s vote share didn’t concentrate on a specific community or gender – though he found a lot of support from people concerned with the growing rate of crime in the city – almost 70 percent of the Hispanic population, in addition to most of the people with children in Chicago public schools, voted for Garcia.

The people of Chicago also held divided opinions about the issues they found most important. The survey disclosed that 25 percent found the city’s finances most pressing, while an equal share said education was more critical. Among some of the other issues Chicagoans felt important were employment and the escalating crime rate.

Garcia told the supporters, “We didn’t lose today, we tried. We fought hard for what we believed in. You don’t succeed at this or anything else unless you try.”

Emanuel was elected as the mayor four years ago, winning by a majority of 55 percent against five other candidates, discontinuing Richard M. Daley’s 22-year reign.

According to ABC News, more than 142,300 Chicagoans appeared to cast their votes, far exceeding the number recorded in 2011.


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