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Rachael Mattice Photos: Shania Twain Fan Found Alive After Going Missing For Weeks

Rachael Mattice Photos: Shania Twain Fan Found Alive After Going Missing For Weeks
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Rachael Mattice Photos: Shania Twain Fan Found Alive After Going Missing For Weeks

A New York woman whose disappearance sparked a widespread search, including her family contacting singer Shania Twain for help, returned home on Wednesday.

Twenty-four-year-old Rachael Mattice, who was last seen on June 22, returned to her parents’ home in upstate New York. She had left for the family’s remote campsite in Wells, located 53 miles away in the Adirondack Mountains.

“A lot of times it’s not a happy ending,” Mary Calder, who helped in the search, said. “Thank God this time it really was.”

While Mattice returned home without any injuries, she was transported to Nathan Littauer Hospital where she was evaluated, as reported by News 10.

Whether foul play was involved has not been made clear. Sheriff Karl G. Abrams said “there is still currently an active investigation ongoing.”

In the wake of Mattice’s disappearance, the family had contacted Twain to draw people’s attention to the case. An idol for Mattice, Twain posted a tweet (which can be viewed towards the bottom of the story) calling for anyone having information to come forward, FOX News reports.

Following treatment at the hospital, Mattice and her family were questioned at the police barracks. She revealed that she was being held against her will and the person who was keeping her was a man.

“Why would someone do that?” Calder said. “I don’t understand why somebody would do that to another person.”

Mattice was last seen on June 22, when she and her mother ate dinner at her Johnstown home. When a family member went to the campsite two days later, she could not be found. She was working as a home health care aide in the area, so she was living in the camp. The camp and car door were open, and her phone and purse were inside.

Mattice’s return has brought relief to her family and those close to her.

“It was literally, like, a weight was lifted off your shoulders type thing,” Shannon Mellis, whose husband was close to Mattice, said. “To know that she was safe and okay and back with her parents.”

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