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Quentin Tarantino Movie Draws Ire For ‘Whores’ Casting Call

Quentin Tarantino Movie Draws Ire For ‘Whores’ Casting Call
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Quentin Tarantino Movie Draws Ire For ‘Whores’ Casting Call

A casting call for “whores” for a Quentin Tarantino movie is being heavily criticized.

The post, put up on Facebook by a casting agency based in Los Angeles, sought applications between the ages of 18 and 35 with “natural breasts” and asked that they write the word “whore” in the subject line.

Although the post, which started with “Casting Whores for Quentin Tarantino project,” has been deleted a screen shot of the same was posted on the Women and Hollywood blog.

While particular casting call advertisement is “not OK,” several women have said it is typical.

According to the Daily Mail, the casting agency said the word “whore” was written in the script by a woman. The project would be produced by Tarantino himself, a representative said, and will be directed by a woman.

Despite the demeaning word, casting director and filmmaker Angela Hutchinson said she has witnessed how it can happen, as reported by CBS News. “Whoever the casting assistant is basically is looking at the script, and they are quickly typing what was listed in script,” she said. “It’s kind of crazy that the studio or a woman and wouldn’t say: you know what? Let’s remove that to sexy woman or some other appropriate title for whatever they were looking for.”

In certain cases, some said, casting calls advertising for new members go beyond gender. “A lot of casting calls such as like looking for a ‘fat slob’ or looking for a ‘disgusting friend,’” a male actor said. “I think there’s more respectful ways to describe it.”

Nevertheless, the advertisement is facing immense heat on social media. User Some Girl EH wrote in her tweet, “Wow. Way to be classy, Hollywood.” Melissa Silverstein said, “All together now: This. Is. Not. Okay. Can also be filed under “WTF” or “Excuse us while we cry in this corner.”)” Another user, Josh Zakovics, said, “”Write whore in the subject line” – I love Tarantino films but this is not f****** cool.”

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