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Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Fashion Accessory Revealed

Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Fashion Accessory Revealed
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Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Fashion Accessory Revealed

Queen Elizabeth has a favorite accessory – her handbag. Her bag has become one of the iconic symbols of her sartorial style over the years.

Apart from her Launer handbag, the nonagenarian royal has yet another stylish accessory that she is seen carrying many a times. This accessory is an umbrella, and of these are bespoke brollies.

The queen has one brolly (umbrella) to match every outfit and likes a sheer or transparent option so that no one misses her. Her trusty birdcage umbrella is by royal warrant holder Fulton Umbrellas.

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An umbrella is always on hand in case of a sudden downpour or drizzly walkabout.

“The Queen’s senior dresser usually sends us swatches of material or color chips for us to match the colored border on the birdcage umbrellas. We then produce samples for their approval and if no further changes are needed we make up the finished umbrellas,” said Nigel Fulton, CEO of Fulton Umbrellas.

Nigel spoke about Queen Elizabeth and her wet-weather fashion accessory in an interview with Hello. He added that the umbrellas they make for the queen are all bespoke and varies from their regular collection in terms of “unique colors.”

The queen’s umbrella is distinctly different from the rest of the Fulton collection. The brand’s umbrellas have a thick border, whereas the umbrellas that the royal uses have a thin colored border.

During the beginning of monsoon, Queen Elizabeth’s personal assistant and senior dresser Angela Kelly approaches Nigel. The CEO said that the queen favors “the transparent birdcage style, a love she inherited from the Queen Mother.”

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The 90-year-old British monarch’s mom was the first royal to carry a Fulton umbrella in the Nineties, according to Evening Standard. The queen loves the thin trim birdcage brollies, so that she is more visible to well-wishers, Nigel added.

The Fulton head recounted the time when queen and her husband Prince Philip visited their factory in Canary Wharf in 2009. Nigel said the couple were very much interested in the making of the umbrellas.

The Fulton Umbrellas was established by Arnold Fulton, Nigel’s father in Whitechapel in 1956. He said that their umbrellas has big sales in Canada, due fan following.

Meanwhile Kate Middleton, Princes William and Harry used a transparent with a white trim during the Somme Centenary commemorations in France. William and Kate were seen shielding themselves under a Fulton umbrella with a black trim on the red carpet of “War Horse” premiere in 2012.


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