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Queen Elizabeth Resists Homeless Corgi

Queen Elizabeth Resists Homeless Corgi
Image from Flickr by Daniel Stockman


Queen Elizabeth Resists Homeless Corgi

Image from Flickr by Daniel Stockman

Image from Flickr by Daniel Stockman

The Queen has fallen in love with a corgi while visiting the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The corgi named Beama was just recently put back into the home because his elderly human needed to be taken care of inside a retirement facility. The Queen was fond of Beama, but she still has two corgis with her back at home.

The Queen Loves Corgis Since She Was Young

According to The Express, Her Royal Highness loves the dog breed ever since she was a girl. She currently has two corgis named Willow and Holly.

The Queen showed instant affection when introduced to Beama, according to people present at the event. However, she found that having more than two corgis may be a handful at the moment.

Britain’s Got Talent presenter, Amanda Holden, tried convincing The Queen to take Beama with her to the palace.

“You are not tempted to take a corgi home?” Holden asked.

“Not at the moment,” The Queen said.

Television presenter Paul O’Grady, who was also present at the event, said The Queen was fascinated by Beama.

“He’s a beautiful dog and if I didn’t have five already myself I would be tempted to take him. He has the most lovely temperament. She seemed fascinated by him but wasn’t in the market, unfortunately. But now he has met Her Majesty at least we can say he is by Royal Appointment,” O’Grady told The Express.

Giraffes, Turtles, Cheetahs, Sloths

Corgis are famously associated with The Queen because they are often seen with her at the palace and across different places in the UK. However, the Royal family has been keeping a variety of pets with them for centuries and has been involved with animal charities, according to the official website of the British Monarchy.

The website further says the Royal family had received giraffes, turtles, cheetahs and sloths as gifts from all over the world. Such animals were donated to zoos or other wildlife sanctuaries to be able to live properly.

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