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Queen Elizabeth Makes Wearing Burqa A Law, UK Goes Full Islamic: Facts To Know

Queen Elizabeth Makes Wearing Burqa A Law, UK Goes Full Islamic: Facts To Know
Commemorative Mugs marking H.M.Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee in 1977 (Obverse) Maxwell Hamilton / Flickr CC


Queen Elizabeth Makes Wearing Burqa A Law, UK Goes Full Islamic: Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

London has fallen! An American author has claimed that the United Kingdom has gone full Islamic prompting Britons to flood social media with images of Queen Elizabeth wearing a burqa and other posts to support her claim.

Janie Johnson, a conservative American author, and commentator unleashed a firestorm after relaying comments from visitors to London. In a tweet, Johnson stated “My friends just returned from London. Shocked. Hadn’t been in 20 years. Said London is gone – all Islamic.” Check out the related tweets below.

According to the Telegraph, Johnson’s tweet linked to an article about Dame Louise Casey’s newly published review of integration in the UK. The review warned that many Muslims living in the country increasingly do not themselves as being British.

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Johnson’s tweet received negative reactions from Britons.

The tweet has since gone viral as many Britons react to her statement. In subsequent tweets, she stated that the friends she referred to “are informed people”.  She says that these people travel a lot and they are trying to impress upon us how horrible it is.

However, it seems that the British people don’t agree with Johnson’s claims. Her tweet was met with satirical comments and outright ridicule. Some even posted an image of Queen Elizabeth wearing a “burqa”.

Some posted images from London or Mecca identifying them as either famous Islamic or British sites respectively. Still, others posted photos from the UK with captions relating them to Islam.

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Janie Johnson Scaremongering As Fears Of Islamic Immigration Continue To Grow?

Many also accused Johnson of scaremongering at a time when views of Islam are not particularly favorable. Residents of London in particular, called her claims outright lies.

Nevertheless, her tweet also drew support from people who shared her views. But even these were not enough to stop the overwhelming majority of the comments expressing anger at her statements or simply mocking them.

While it is a fact that London and the UK in general, have experienced a huge influx of Muslim immigrants, it is still far from being considered a Muslim country. Don’t expect Queen Elizabeth to wear a burqa just yet.

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