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Queen Elizabeth Assassination Plot By ISIS Foiled By UK Force

Queen Elizabeth Assassination Plot By ISIS Foiled By UK Force
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Queen Elizabeth Assassination Plot By ISIS Foiled By UK Force

The UK force was able to avert an ISIS assassination plot targeted against Queen Elizabeth.

Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, surprised the House of Parliament when he announced an airstrike conducted against a Briton ISIS member, Reyaad Khan, without prior parliamentary authority. He said his decision was made based on founded information that Khan is actively recruiting sympathizers and directed a number of planned terrorist attacks in the British soil.

Mr. Cameron said that one of Khan’s terrorist plots involved attacks to be conducted during high profile public commemorations, “including those taking place this summer.” He also told the House that police and security services have stopped at least six different attempts to attack the UK in the last 12 months.

Daily Mail reported that one of these planned targets is the Victory over Japan Day on Aug. 15, 2015 and the Victory in Europe day on May 10 2015. Both celebrations were attended by the Queen and members of the Royal Family, including Prince Philip, Prince Edward and wife Sophie, Prince Richard and wife Birgitte, Prince Charles and Camilla.

An announcement released ahead of the VJ Day confirmed that Queen Elizabeth is attending the event. “The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, and The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester will attend a commemorative service to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day in St Martin-in-the-Fields Church, Trafalgar Square,” the announcement from the palace reads. “Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will attend a Drumhead Service and Wreath-laying ceremony on Horse Guards Parade followed by a reception in the grounds of Westminster Abbey, hosted by The Royal British Legion,” the announcement said. An official announcement also confirmed that “The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, accompanied by The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall and other Members of the Royal Family will attend a Service of Thanksgiving on 10 May 2015.”

In his remarks at the parliament on Sept. 7, Mr. Cameron confirmed that Khan was killed in a precision air strike carried out on Aug. 21 by RAF’s remotely piloted aircraft while he was raveling in the area of Raqqah in Syria. He said that his decision was made in an “act of self-defense and after meticulous planning.”

“I want to be clear that this strike was not part of coalition military action against ISIL in Syria – it was a targeted strike to deal with a clear, credible and specific terrorist threats to our country at home,” Mr. Cameron told parliament.

“I have said before, if there is a direct threat to the British people and we are able to stop it by taking immediate action, then as Prime Minister, I will always be prepared to take that action and that’s the case whether the threat is emanating from Libya, Syria or from anywhere else.”

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