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Quantum Break: Released On Xbox One And PC

Quantum Break: Released On Xbox One And PC
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Quantum Break: Released On Xbox One And PC

It is very rare that Microsoft releases any of the game together on PC as well as Xbox One. The gaming console is always the company’s priority. The more games with “Exclusively on Xbox One” tag, the better it is for the console. Then why is Microsoft releasing Quantum Break on two platforms at the same time?

Confirming that Xbox One is still a serious business for Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft Executive said, “People should know: Xbox is a big priority and a huge commitment. Please do not let the fact that we are also launching a game on the same day on Windows 10 change your perspective on the importance of the console business [or] our commitment to innovating on console.” He also added that “Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a Windows Store exclusive.”

Moving on to our Quantum Break release date, the game will be released on Xbox One and PC on 5th April 2016. Pre-ordering the game will bring along its own benefits:

  1. You will get a free copy of Windows 10 if you pre-order Xbox version of Quantum Break
  2. The Xbox One version of Quantum Break will also give you Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Also, the copy of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare you will get along with Quantum Break will be a Xbox 360 game. This can be played on Xbox One due to backwards compatibility. So, even if the game is being released on both the platforms at the same time, Xbox One players will receive perks which PC players won’t. For whatever reason Microsoft decided to release Quantum Break on Xbox and PC, it is making very clear that for gaming, Xbox One will always be the company’s priority. And how can we forget Greenberg’s words?

“Some times we’re innovating, some times we’re experimenting, sometimes we’re charting new ground on different things. We always want to hear people’s feedback, we’re always listening. While they might not always agree with 100 percent of everything we do, we love the feedback.”

In case, Quantum Break’s non-exclusivity to Xbox One status is bothering you, you can always let Microsoft know about it.

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