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‘Quantico’ Season 1 Finale Spoilers: Liam Is A Terrorist

‘Quantico’ Season 1 Finale Spoilers: Liam Is A Terrorist
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‘Quantico’ Season 1 Finale Spoilers: Liam Is A Terrorist

With “Quantico” Season 1 finale around the corner, fans are clamoring to know who the terrorist is. New spoilers claimed that it can be Liam.

First suspected to be Drew, the latest episode showed that it was Liam who manipulated a class of trainees to terrorize New York.

In one scene, Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) was seen getting into  house with her gun, where she saw paraphernalias on making bombs, and computer monitors that has direct feed from Alex and Shelby’s apartment and the FBI headquarters, TV Line said.

It was too late when she turned around and saw that she was facing Liam, the man behind all the attacks. “Why are you doing this?” Miranda asked. “To make things right,” Liam answered, shortly after gunning her down.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Quantico” showrunner Josh Safran confirmed that the voice was indeed Liam and not Drew.

“All I can say right now is that I knew it was Liam from the very beginning and if you look, it really was clear in every speech that he gave them,” he said. “And the Omaha and the Chicago stuff might have seemed arbitrary a little bit, but it wasn’t, [and] trying to get Alex thrown out and then trying to change his tune there, that’s all dealt with next week, so you’ll see.”

Safran also noted that some people will be very pissed if the voice will not be one of the trainees. He explained why Liam becomes the terrorist.

“Liam had Elias call in the tip, and that tip was meant to frame Alex, that’s all… [Liam] is a guy who feels very justified [in his actions], and you’ll hear why in the next episode,” he added.

Josh Hopkins, who was playing Liam, was also mentioned by the showrunned. Safran said the actor was only informed of his actual role while taping for the episode 18 of “Quantico” season 1, and yet he performed very well.

“He’s such a great guy, he totally got it,” he said. “It made sense to him, and he really relished playing the final episodes with that

“Quantico” is being shown during Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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