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‘Quantico’ On The Verge Of Revealing Truth About Important Characters

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‘Quantico’ On The Verge Of Revealing Truth About Important Characters

If showrunner Josh Safran has to be believed, the show Quantico is going to unveil some secrets soon.

Quantico has to do some serious revelations now. Viewers are getting tired of the mystery. If showrunner Josh Safran has to be believed, the show is going to unveil some secrets soon.

The first important thing is how Alex responses to Ryan’s confession. Ryan has told her that he was spying on her and now Alex has to make a decision. Josh says about the reaction, “It sends her reeling because of the fact that he lied to her but she’s not going to hit the emotional dark places that she did when learning about her father. She was just finally starting to get to trust somebody in a romantic way, which she hasn’t done maybe her entire life, and just got the same lesson that she felt was always what she learned, which is you can’t trust anybody.”

When asked about the future of Caleb and Shelby, Josh answered, “I don’t want to say one way or the other but I will say that we are very intent on exploring that relationship completely, and it’s not something that’s going to twist away any time soon. Their relationship in its many forms is a solid through line for the remainder of the season.”

What about the secret of the twin sisters, Nimah and Riana, and the involvement of Simon? Josh, the “Quantico” showrunner, said, “I know the show does a lot of exhilarated storytelling but also at the same time, we wanted to show the audience that we weren’t going to drag out things that seemed unlikely to be dragged out for a long time, so obviously the twins couldn’t hold their secret for long and so now I think you’re going to see the fallout of that and how Simon deals with it and how it affects the twins to be seen for who they are.”

According to the showrunner, next week’s episode is going to be intense. The episode is going to be tense with all secrets revealed. Shelby has slept with Caleb’s father in a future scenario and she is completely cut off from Caleb. The show is moving towards the emotional side for sure, and you will find more in the coming episodes of “Quantico.”

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